SAN_0347edHi and welcome to Gluten Free Method!!  This is a site dedicated to fresh and flavorful gluten free cooking.  There are paleo and vegan options as well.  I have two amazing daughters and a wonderful husband who inspire me every day.  My girls love to help me in the kitchen so you will also see some recipes for kids.

Gluten free cooking has come a long way since it was recommended that I follow a gluten free diet in 2000.  Gluten free substitutes were either very hard to find, or just not tasty.  At the time I was vegetarian as well so it was pretty much just veggies all day long.  So every now and again, I would cheat. You know, sneak in a bagel and cream cheese or half of a samosa. Not anymore! My digestive system became so sensitive that I was forced to go strictly gluten free about five years ago.

Food and cooking are a big deal at our house.  I could almost call it a family tradition.  My sister and I were raised on wholesome healthy food and I try to do the same for my girls.  It doesn’t help that we all love to eat! You can imagine that not being able to eat half of the food on the table, and absolutely none of the dessert was pretty traumatizing! I dealt with it for a little while and then I got to work.

Coming from a multicultural family some things were difficult to find substitutes for.  I had to get creative! My whole family did actually.  Soon my mom, sister, and I were altering all kinds of recipes so that I could eat them.  My sister in law does the same for me now too.  Between all of us we have a pretty international menu going on and I love being able to eat it all!! My sister was recently put on a grain free low carb diet due to digestive issues, so that’s been added to the family menu as well.

Getting used to a new way of life can definitely be difficult, but if it’s for your health it should be a welcome change.  I hope that this site will help make the transition a little easier.



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